«La Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP) es entidad patrocinadora de la Red IOsalude».

Maya Duque, Pablo Andrés

Position: Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
Categories: Universidad de Antioquia
Location: Colombia

Passionate about applying operations research and optimisation techniques to tackle challenging real-life problems. Particularly interested in problems whose solution generates a positive impact on society such as humanitarian logistic and operations research to support decisions making processes in the public sector. A solid academic background together with my previous professional experience in research and entrepreneurship have defined me as a researcher with strong sense of commitment and a flexible and goal oriented personality.

Grupo investigación: http://www.udea.edu.co/wps/portal/udea/web/inicio/investigacion/grupos-investigacion/ingenieria-tecnologia/aliado

Universidad: http://www.udea.edu.co/