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Duarte Forero, Edgar Leonardo

Position: Universidad Libre de Colombia, Colombia
Categories: Universidad Libre de Colombia
Location: Colombia

Edgar Duarte-Forero is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad Libre in Bogotá. His research is situated in the field of Operations Research and Simulation, with a special focus on decision making processes for design of logistic systems. Edgar teaches several courses on decision making, operations research, and continuous and discrete simulation for master and undergraduate engineering students.

He received his diploma degree from the Engineering Faculty of Universidad del Norte in 1998. Later, He received the M. Eng. degree from Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in 2012 and is currently pursuing his doctorate at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His research topic is the design of healthcare logistic networks using mathematical programming.

Página personal: https://edgarduarteforero.github.io/personal/

Universidad: http://www.unilibre.edu.co/bogota/ul/noticias/noticias-universitarias/1933-ingenieria-industrial-sobre-el-programa#informaci%C3%B3n-general